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Online sailing lessons are available for your taking nowadays. You can have all the information that you need to know when you want to steer a sailboat. The lessons given by these online sailing websites encompass everything that you have to know. They understand your need to achieve the pinnacle of your dreams – to be able to handle the steering wheel of a sailboat with all your might. You may find several websites offering their services but first you have to be aware of what lessons they could give you.
One of the things that you will need to know about sailing is the different types of sailing knots. You better read this if you want to get ahead in your online sailing lessons. For now, you may think that a knot is nothing but a knot but to experienced sailors, it is one of the most basic yet very important lesson that you any sailor must know.
Different Types of Sailing Knots
1. Overhand or Thumb Knot
– It is the simplest of all the sailing knots. The purpose of making this kind of knot is it is used a stopper at the end of each rope so it would not run up the block or towards the mast.
– Since it might be difficult to loosen, you must only use this knot on lines that are not re-rigged often.
– To make this knot, you must make an overhand loop by having the running end cross over the standing part. Afterwards, you need to have the running end cross behind the standing part and through the loop.
2. Square Knot
– This is not popular among sailors since it is just a combination of two overhand knots. However, this is applicable for tying covers of sails.
– You just have to remember this trick: right over left and left over right.
3. Figure of Eight
– To make a figure of eight knot, begin by having an underhand loop. Cross the running end beneath the standing part. Take the running end then have it over the standing part, afterwards bring it back around towards the loop from beneath. Draw the knot tightly.
4. Bowline
– This is one of the most frequent and most useful sailing knots that you can learn from your online sailing lessons.
– Identify the object that you want to tie with the knot then put the line around it. Make an overhand loop by having the running end cross over to the standing part. Afterwards, place the running end towards the loop coming from underneath. Wrap the running end at the back of the standing part then place the running end back towards the loop as how it came out.
These are just some of the example of basic knot tying that you can learn from online sailing lessons. Remember, this is fundamental and may be easy for you but it is just the beginning of a sailing journey. There are many sailing lessons you still need to learn.


I’ve passed on my passion of teaching sailing to hundreds of folks, and one thing I’ve noticed time and again. If you start out the right way when you learn to sail, you will become a better sailor–more relaxed, confident, and skilled.
Here are three sailing tips to get you sailing faster and easier…
Start Small
You don’t need to start out in a small, open dinghy, but the best sailors in the world seem to have this in common. Small sailboats puts you in touch with wind and water like no big boat can. You feel every puff and have to work to keep the boat moving, and upright!
If you’re a bit apprehensive about going so small, just start out in the smallest boat you are comfortable in. You will learn faster and moving up to a bigger boat will be a cinch!
Hire a Personal Coach
Nothing will get you up to speed faster than one-on-one coaching. I’ve been trained by some of the best. Nothing beats a good coach.
He or she will work on your strengths so that you can understand the wind and boat parts faster. If money is tight, hire the coach for one or two sessions. It’ll be money well spent.
Buy a Good Basic Book
You need to understand the language of sailing so that you become fluent, just like learning a second language. This will help you grasp the concepts, understand the boat and her sails, and get the best performance from the boat in speed and power.
As a professional writer, I use hundreds of different books when writing about sailing tips and techniques. But most sailors cut their teeth on just a few really great ones.
Here are a couple you will want to look for at your local bookstore. You can purchase them online, but be sure and look for discounted, used copies from vendors too. You can save up to 50% on your purchase this way.
1. Royces Sailing Illustrated Many sailors started out with this little classic. Small enough to throw in a jacket pocket, you will want this on board anywhere you go. Great illustrations and chock full of easy-to-read text.
2. The Annapolis Book of SeamanshipJust the illustrations alone are worth the price of this marvel. Takes the sailor through all steps from beginner to advanced.
Now you know three valuable sailing tips that will get you on the road to learn to sail. Put these into play today and you will soon be infected with the sailing bug that will give you joy for a lifetime!

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